Recruitement Services

Top consulting talent is promptly made available by Echlipse Systems at no additional expense. We can work on C2C, W2, and 1099 contracts and handle all the difficulties, including payroll, taxes, timekeeping, and workers' compensation insurance. For the pleasure of our clients, each applicant is thoroughly vetted and reference checked.

To create a great company that attracts, develops, inspires, and keeps extraordinary employees. To assist our clients in significantly improving their performance in a distinctive, long-lasting, and significant way.

Full-time employees

Without draining your bank account, we offer the greatest people for your full-time hiring requirements. We promise the greatest talent and undercut any competition fees.

Temp-to-perm hires

Prior to filling a position, you want to be very certain that it is the correct fit. No issue at all; we offer resources that are temp-to hire and are available to work with you on a short-term contract. If everything goes according to plan, they could be employed full-time.

Contract based hires

We can help if the client needs a contract-based consultant for a set period of time, such as 6 months, 9 months, or 12 months, or if they want to retain it under contract with the opportunity to extend.

Consulting Services

Our freelancers can complete any job for you, including creating stationery, business cards, promotional items, and websites that are visually appealing.

Recruitment Process Management services have been offered by Echlipse to US-based clients. The company also offers Business Process Outsourcing and managed IT services. All of our resources are versatile, have a track record of excellence, a technical educational background, and relevant work experience. Many IT businesses receive consulting and training from Echlipse, and the company also serves as a management partner. We value the experience that our candidates bring from a variety of industries, and we want to use it to our clients' and applicants' mutual advantage. Echlipse has had experience collaborating with staffing firms to quicken and streamline the hiring procedure. Our recruiters will give you the top candidates from the hire-pool because they have a keen eye for skill and quality.

Associated with the method and project discussed Echlipse already works with two clients as an RPO and provides backend office administration services. Both clients have a variety of industry-based clients, however they are primarily focused on IT/Technical Requirements, from entry-level positions to manager and executive positions.