In Bound Call Service

You can rely on ECHLIPSE SYSTEMS to give you reliable inbound call centre services. Finding it challenging to give your clients the help they need? Consider outsourcing your call centre need. Are you looking for a dependable call centre provider to manage your customer service and other related services? J Telemarketing is aware of the challenges that businesses and enterprises encounter and tailors our inbound sales services to meet those needs. Our phone support services are designed primarily to encourage customer happiness and retention.

Why Use Echlipse To Manage Your Inbound Call Center?

The following are some of the reasons you can rely on Echlipse Systems for seamless, effective, and reliable inbound call centre services:

  • Contact centre services for commercial enterprises and small organisations
  • Pricing are really reasonable.
  • Facilities for remote call monitoring
  • Expanded market reach
  • Effective transition management techniques
  • A variety of help channels
  • Monitoring and ensuring the quality of all operations
  • A qualified and professional workforce that provides uninterrupted call centre services around-the-clock.
  • Retention of Customers: Continuity
  • Support for Customer Service
  • Services from Direct Response Call Centers
  • Help Desk Support
  • Order Taking
  • Services Email & Chat Support
  • Sales Assistance
  • Technical Assistance


Whether we call your consumers on the phone for an appointment or without an appointment, our outbound sales personnel aggressively engages with potential customers. We make sure that your clients are engaged in the discussion. We are aware that for customers to choose you as their vendor, they must feel good about our representatives. This is how telemarketing is done by us. We teach our representatives how to engage customers in conversation by posing thought-provoking questions to them. We have discovered that by getting to know your customers, our agents greatly improve the likelihood that they will purchase your goods and services.

Our Telemarketing Experience

We have managed a variety of campaigns over the past many years, including those in the financial, DR, health, beauty, hotel, telecommunications, business-to-business, business-to-customer, elders, and outbound survey sectors. We have discovered that running a successful sales campaign is analogous to producing a piece of art, and at Echlipse Systems, we are skilled at painting it.

The outbound telemarketing call centre operated by Echlipse Systems is driven by the telemarketing science and an Active Engagement formula that has been painstakingly established over the past ten years. Please get in touch with us right away for a free consultation.

We're experts in backoffice support services.

  • Handling of Credit Card Chargebacks
  • Document scanning and conversion services, data entry services
  • Processing Sales Orders & Virtual Assistant


With our tried-and-true lead nurturing and qualification process, we assist our clients increase their sales conversions and lower their cost per sale by making sure that the active leads on their lead lists convert. For lead qualification, the digital era has brought about new difficulties. Online tools like opt-in forms could help a business generate quality leads. A call centre is essential because it confirms leads and develops them by using human voice responsiveness and active listening.

Echlipse Systems Lead Qualification Call Center

We use our cutting-edge lead qualification call centre to pass your lead records. Your company may deliver just the most quality leads to your sales staff with the help of our affordable services. As a result, your sales department would benefit from highly qualified, carefully selected, and nurtured leads.

The Human Voice Solution

Call centre lead qualifying is necessary to provide a high-quality lead list. Lead lists sometimes include a number of inactive or uninterested leads because they are typically compiled by data mining and lead list providers. To ensure a higher conversion rate, even pre-qualified leads should be validated.

This is how we verify leads:

Highest Conversion Ratio:
Contact + Active Listening + Rapport + Problem-Solving

Why Use Lead Generation?

Creating leads benefits both the buyer and the vendor. The vendor is given the chance to present their goods or services to the client when the consumer requests information about their chosen goods or services from different companies. Because the lead is warm and we prequalify your warm lead, your conversion rates involving such warm leads would be higher than the higher conversion involving cold contacts.

Reducing Cost per Sale

Your company would factor in the cost of each transaction when employing lead lists to increase sales. To ensure the best sales percentage and lower your company's cost per transaction, our lead qualification contact centre assists in validating all active leads before they are forwarded to your sales team.

Echlipse Systems Call Center Lead Qualification

  • Modern call centre for lead qualification
  • Formula for cultivating leads: human voice and active listening
  • Professional call centre employees (avoid LMR)
  • International reach
  • Responsible project managers
  • Weekly reporting and distribution of qualified lead lists
  • Eliminate inactive and dead leads and massively increase sales and conversions
  • Vetted leads lower cost per sale
  • improve your return on investment (ROI)
  • Flexible payment options
  • 6 years of lead qualifying experience