SkyShop Reporting

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Financial Reporting Section includes

Financial Reports
  • Account Ledger
  • Cash Book
  • Cash Flow Register
  • G/L Ledger
  • Day Book
  • Monthly Expense Chart
  • Accounts Receiveables
  • Accounts Payables
Transactional Reports
  • Bank Statements
  • Cash Deposits in Bank
  • Cheque Deposits
  • Cheque Issued
  • Bank Online Register
  • Credit Voucher Register
  • Debit Voucher Register
  • Jouranl Voucher Register

Inventory Reporting Section includes

Stock Reports
  • Current Stock
  • Current Store Stock
  • Current Salesmen Stock
  • Stock Transaction
  • Stock Count Sheet (Shelf)
  • Stock Count Sheet (Store)
  • Inventory Control Report
  • Opening Stock
  • Opening Store Stock
  • Opening Salesmen Stock
  • Total Current Stock
  • Current Product Stock
  • Product Stock with Item Info
Profit Reports
  • Invoice Detailed Profit
  • Daily Profit
  • Invoice Wise Profit
  • Party Wise Profit
  • Item Wise Profit
  • Company Wise Profit
  • Group Wise Profit
Barcode Printing
  • Barcode Print by Invoice
  • Barcode Print by Item
  • Barcode Print by Invoice Manually
Stock Transfer Reports
  • Stock Transfer (Shelf to Store)
  • Stock Transfer (Store to Shelf)
  • Stock Transfer (Store to Store)
Purchase Reports
  • Purchase Order Performa
  • Purchase Register
  • Item Purchase Leder
  • Item wise Purchases
  • Invoice wise Purchases
  • Party wise Purchases
Purchase Return Reports
  • Purchase Return Register
  • Purchase Return Item Wise
Salesmen Reports
  • Stock Issue(Shelf to Salesmen)
  • Stock Issue(Salesmen to Shelf)
  • Stock Issue(Salesmen to Salesmen)
  • Stock Issue(Salesman Item Activity)
Wasteage Reports
  • Wastage Register
  • Wastage Company Wise
Production Reports
  • Production Components
  • Production Report
  • Production Register
Sale Reports
  • Sale Register
  • Invocie Wise Sale
  • Item Sale Ledger
  • Item Wise Sale
  • Company Wise Sale
  • Party Wise Sale
  • Salesmen Wise Sale
Sale Return Reports
  • Sale Return Register
  • Sale Return Item Wise
  • Sale Return Party Wise
Activity Reports
  • Item Activity
  • Daily Business Activity
  • Hot & Cold Items
  • Hot & Cold Customers
Daily Working Reports
  • Counter Closing
  • User Tracking
List Reports
  • Companies List
  • Groups List
  • Price List
  • Salesmen List
  • Stores List
  • Parties List